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About the project

WeScope stands as a trusted estimation partner within the construction industry. In response to our client’s need for a more efficient estimation submission process, we’ve developed a cutting-edge solution. Our digital contact form empowers contractors to effortlessly input, record, scan, and submit comprehensive estimation data. Leveraging the inherent capabilities of Android and iOS devices, contractors now have access to a user-friendly tool that revolutionizes the estimation workflow, reshaping the assessment and management of projects within the industry.

About the project



Managing and uploading large media files while keeping an intuitive user interface presented challenges in maintaining both efficiency and usability.

To maintain quality standards, our team set specific file size and resolution limitations derived from historical user data. We also introduced prominent UI indicators to inform users about each media uploading stage and its progress.

Adapting the app to function efficiently in low network conditions during uploads and scans without compromising essential features presented another notable challenge.

To tackle this challenge, we’ve foreseen a robust local backup function. It allows users to continue each project creation stage, even in low or absent network conditions. Users can finalize and submit their work once a stable network connection is available.

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Project Timeline

Implementation Roadmap

Discovery pha Discovery pha Discovery pha


01/ Discovery Phase

information information information

information architecture

The structure of the app

01/Discovery Phase

Features we have developed

All Projects

Users can effortlessly navigate through all created projects and utilize the search function to quickly locate the one they need.

Project Creation

1/ 3D scanning

iOS devices equipped with Lidar technology enable users to perform scanning processes that capture building structures, facilitating the creation of detailed 3D models.

Project Creation

2/ Video Recording with Automatic Job Note Voice Transcription

Users can enhance project specification by recording video footage of the building, complemented by automatic job note voice transcription. This dual-feature approach offers users a means to evaluate projects comprehensively.

Project Creation

3/ Additional 
Notes & Media

This step serves as a final opportunity to address any remaining details or nuances that may not have been specified in previous steps.

Project details
& media export

Following submission, users or their colleagues within the organization can access and review project details. They also have the capability to export all associated media files.

development development development


02/ Development



We use the latest technologies to deliver user-friendly, scalable, and secure solutions as per your business requirements.

  • MVVM architecture MVVM
  • Swift Swift 5
  • ARKit
  • Swift UI

  • Kotlin Kotlin
  • MVVM architecture MVVM

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