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Google Maps API Mapping Services Our Developers Provide

Custom Map Web and Mobile Apps
Custom maps can be helpful in enhancing your services and providing more value to your users, no matter what industry you are working in. Our developers will help you customize existing Google maps and leverage them in your web or mobile app.

Custom Indoor Mapping and Navigation
Hire Google Maps API developers to make indoor navigation easier for your customers with smart indoor mapping solutions. Take advantage of real-time positioning, and other technologies to ensure safety and convenience for your customers.

Route Optimization
Our Google Maps API developers will customize Google maps to allow for better route planning. Avoid ineffective routes and improve your service with route optimization.

Map Enhancement and Optimization
If you need to enhance existing Google Maps to make them more efficient for your business, hire our specialists. They will optimize maps to your business needs and help you achieve your business goals.

Process of Hiring a Developers From Volpis

Defining Needs and Requirements

To hire Google Maps API developers with the expertise needed for developing your project, it is essential to know your goals and specific requirements. Volpis discusses with you all the details of your project to understand what specialists you need.

Candidates Selection and Screening

Our team screen available developers and create a shortlist of candidates who fit your requirements. You interview them to see which of the specialists match your requirements and expectations. Once you decide on whom to hire, Volpis prepares the contract.

Developers Onboarding

Once the contract is signed, we start the onboarding process of the hired Google Maps API developers to your team. Volpis will take care of smooth integration and involvement in the project from the first day.

Ongoing Support

After successful integration, we will continue to support you. You can always communicate with us regarding any issues or questions, so we can proactively address them to ensure effective cooperation.


Why Choose Volpis

Wide Pool of Skilled Developers

Rest assured your project is developed by professionals. Our Google Maps API developers have wide expertise, including web development, Google Maps APIs development, and other specific skills.

Smart Approach to Hiring

Volpis uses an approach that allows for selecting the most suitable developers for each project. Before offering specialists for your team, we identify your needs, goals, and specific requirements to make sure our candidates will meet your expectations.

Quick Integration

Hiring our Google Maps API developers, you can rest assured the onboarding will be seamless. Volpis will take care of the smooth integration of our specialists into your team to ensure onboarding of new team members won’t interrupt work on your project.

Seamless Communication

Direct communication with us makes the hiring process seamless. Volpis is always here to consult you on scaling your team with competent specialists.


Our valuable customers

Our esteemed customers place their trust in us to deliver exceptional software design and development services that empower their businesses.


Check reviews from our clients to see what it’s like to cooperate with our developers.

“The CEO is very responsive and there are no unnecessary middlemen involved.”

Co-Founder, Health Startup

“I was blown away by the knowledge and skillset that the team possessed.”

Founder, Fit Society LLC

“Volpis was able to consistently deliver against our project milestones.”

Jason Marvel, CEO FlowMSP


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Why should I hire Google Maps API specialists?

There are different reasons why businesses hire Google Maps API developers. Sometimes, you need a custom Google map to improve your users’ navigation or you need to build maps with custom layers for routing optimization, and many other reasons. Google Maps API developers can help with all these tasks.

How do I choose good Google Maps API developers for my project?

Before hiring specialists for your project, you need to identify your needs and the project goals. In this way, you will hire Google Maps API developers with the right skill set for successfully developing your project.

How much does it cost to hire Google Maps API developers?

The final price for hiring specialists in Google Maps API development varies from project to project. There are several factors that affect the cost, including the scope of your project, the number of specialists you need, the level of expertise your project requires, and the project duration. Contact our team if you need to estimate the cost of hiring developers for your team.


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