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Mobile app UX/UI design process

1/ Research

Competitor analysis
The purpose of a competitor analysis is to understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to find a gap in the market.

User Research
User research helps to identify your target audience, their problems and needs. An in-depth analysis helps to make design decisions that enhance user experience.

UX Persona
A deep understanding of our users allows product teams to prioritize features based on how well they address the needs of a primary persona.
UX persona and competitor analysis
UX persona and competitor analysis 2
research research

Mobile app UX/UI design process

2/ Conceptualize

Customer Journey Map
A customer journey map is a diagram that represents the steps taken by a user to meet a specific goal.

Information Architecture
Information architecture allows organizing, structuring, and labeling content in an effective way.

Flowchart Diagram
Flowcharts help to plot how users move through an interface and describe the relationships between screens.
App design conceptualization
App design conceptualization

Mobile app UX/UI design process

3/ Prototyping

Low fidelity Wireframes
Low-fidelity wireframes act as the initial blueprints for app screens. They put the focus on pure functionality, not aesthetics.

High fidelity Wirerframes
High-fidelity wireframes are more complete representations of the end product. They mimic the look and feel of an app.

Interactive Prototype
Interactive prototype allows validating assumptions, identifying weak spots, and getting detailed product feedback in usability testing in the early stages.
App prototyping
App prototyping

Mobile app UX/UI design process

4/ Visual Design

Design System
A design system is a specification document that serves as a toolkit for clients’ internal design teams or third-party agencies. It helps to maintain the design and experience consistency of the product.

Interface Design
User interface (UI) design helps to build interfaces that are aesthetically pleasing. Designers prioritize content on a page through size, color, and the use of negative space.

Graphic Design
Graphic design focuses on the visual elements of a brand. It aims to communicate a brand’s identity through images, shapes, and colors.
Visual design
Visual design
visual design

Mobile app UX/UI design process

5/ Analysis

A/B testing is a method for comparing two versions of an app to determine which one is more successful. We perform numerous tests to ensure that our design drives conversion.

Remote User Testing
An important aspect of building world-class products is to take feedback from users. With the help of an interactive prototype, we conduct a series of user testing sessions.

Gathering Feedback
Gathering first-hand user feedback helps to make informed design decisions and improve user satisfaction in the long run.
analyze analyze

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