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Mapping Services Our Developers Provide

Custom Map Web and Mobile Apps
A full-cycle web and mobile map app development, from collecting spatial data to building a customized map. Volpis developers will deliver customized mapping solutions tailored to your business goals with accurate and background location tracking.

Custom Indoor Mapping and Navigation
Indoor buildings visualization for improving indoor wayfinding and navigation. Our map developers can create an indoor map taking advantage of innovative technologies to enhance your business performance and improve your customers’ experience.

Route Optimization
Make navigation and routing easier with our custom mapping solutions. A professional developer will build a map with custom elements that allow for identifying the most efficient routes in both indoor and outdoor spaces according to your business needs like specific objects on the road.

Map Enhancement and Optimization
Enhance and optimize custom maps to improve your business performance, battery use efficiency and improve map performance with millions of objects. Hire a developer who will extend the functionality of your existing maps, focusing on your business goals.

Process of Hiring a Developers From Volpis

Defining Needs and Requirements

Discuss your project with us to define the key challenges and goals. Describe your specific needs, the project scope, what specialists you need, and other requirements to hire map developers.

Candidates Selection and Screening

Focusing on your requirements, we will screen all available map developers and assemble those who are the most suitable for your project for interview. After interviewing all candidates, you decide who you want to hire.

Developers Onboarding

We will help to integrate the chosen specialists into your team, ensuring smooth and fast onboarding. From this point, our developers are part of your team, and you can manage their work directly.

Ongoing Support

We will be in touch with you throughout the project development to assist you with administrative processes and make sure our developers are perfectly integrated into your team.


Why Choose Volpis

Wide Choice of Map Developers

We hire only experienced map developers with strong skills and dedication to their work. You can choose mapping specialists who can build a custom mapping solution with GoogleMaps, MapKit, MapBox, and others, depending on your needs.

Transparent Hiring Process

The process of hiring map developers from us is absolutely transparent. You will know about every stage and directly participate in the selection of candidates.

Fast Staff Augmentation

We ensure a quick and smooth onboarding of the chosen candidates to your team. Hire map developers who can start work on your project as soon as you need them.

Direct Communication

Manage hired developers directly to ensure the best results from cooperation. You will have full control over the hired specialists and can communicate with them without unnecessary middlemen.


Our valuable customers

Our esteemed customers place their trust in us to deliver exceptional software design and development services that empower their businesses.


Our specialists provide mapping services focusing on your goals. Read what’s like to work with our developers.

“The CEO is very responsive and there are no unnecessary middlemen involved.”

Co-Founder, Health Startup

“I was blown away by the knowledge and skillset that the team possessed.”

Founder, Fit Society LLC

“Volpis was able to consistently deliver against our project milestones.”

Jason Marvel, CEO FlowMSP


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How much does it cost to hire a map developer?

The final price of hiring map developers is different for each project. It depends on whether you want to hire a team of developers or just one specialist, how complex your project is, how long our cooperation will last, and many other factors. You can contact us to check how much it will cost to hire map developers for your project.

How to choose a good map developer?

To choose map developers who fit your project needs, you should define your goals first and describe the candidate you want to see as a part of your team. During the interview with candidates, make sure to assess their expertise, and hard and soft skills, and discuss other questions such as the format of your cooperation, time zones, etc.

How can I hire a map developer for my project?

The best way to find dedicated and experienced mapping specialists for your project is to turn to companies that offer custom map development. Such companies have teams of skilled developers that can be hired to work along with your team.


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