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Consistently recognized as one of the top software development companies on Clutch, the Volpis team has spent years providing Apple Vision Pro development services to craft innovative solutions for businesses across diverse industries. If you’re considering building an AR/VR app, we would be happy to answer all your questions and give honest advice.

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Apple Vision Pro development expertise

Apple Vision Pro showcases a remarkable array of features and capabilities, empowering people to explore augmented reality in unprecedented ways. This platform is a significant leap forward in spatial computing, offering unique capabilities to create groundbreaking app experiences. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro development kit, developers can deliver impressive spatial experiences and enhance user engagement. We seamlessly integrate creative vision with technical prowess to deliver top-notch AR/VR applications that distinguish your brand.

1/ Object recognition and tracking
Create applications that can identify and track real-world objects in real-time. Develop solutions for retail that allow users to scan and learn about products, or for logistics to track packages and assets. With Apple’s innovative features, these applications can boost customer engagement by providing real-time insights and enhancing the overall user experience.
2/ Image analysis and annotation
Build apps that analyze images and provide contextual information or insights. This can be particularly valuable in fields like healthcare and education, where precise information is crucial. By integrating the VisionOS software development kit, these apps can offer seamless integration with existing Apple platforms.
3/ Visual search
Develop visual search capabilities that enable users to find products, locations, or information by pointing their device’s camera at an object or scene. This can be particularly useful for e-commerce, travel, and navigation apps. The capabilities of Apple Vision Pro hardware allow for exceptional AR experiences, making visual search more intuitive and efficient.
4/ Augmented reality annotations
Develop apps that overlay digital annotations onto real-world scenes, providing additional context or instructions. This could be useful in industrial settings for maintenance instructions, architectural visualization, or guided museum tours. By using VisionOS apps, developers can create immersive experiences that enhance customer engagement and provide unique capabilities for various industries.
5/ Real-time measurements
Build applications that utilize Vision Pro to measure distances, sizes, and dimensions of objects within the user’s environment. This can be valuable in construction, interior design, and home improvement apps. These apps can deliver amazing experiences and offer seamless integration with other Apple devices.
6/ Enhanced user experiences
Develop apps that offer personalized experiences based on user interactions and preferences. For instance, create interactive travel guides that provide information about landmarks as users explore new cities. By using the Apple Vision Pro platform, developers can create groundbreaking app experiences that significantly enhance user engagement.
7/ Visual accessibility solutions
Leverage Vision Pro to create applications that enhance accessibility for users with visual impairments. Develop apps that provide real-time scene descriptions, identify objects, and assist with navigation. These applications can take full advantage of Apple’s innovative features, ensuring that all users have exceptional AR experiences.


Full spectrum of software development services we offer

1/ Product audit
Our comprehensive product audit is tailored to assess your application’s performance across diverse scenarios. We meticulously test the app’s stability, identifying and addressing issues such as crashes, freezes, and slowdowns. We specialize in thorough testing of all features within the app. Drawing on our industry expertise, we provide actionable recommendations aimed at optimizing and enhancing the functionality embedded in your products. Our audit includes evaluating your application’s compatibility with the Apple Vision Pro headset, ensuring a seamless user experience. By incorporating spatial computing, we can provide innovative solutions tailored to your target audience. Our dedicated team offers strategic guidance to optimize your app’s functionality.
2/ Maintenance & improvement of existing apps
We offer maintenance services for continual improvement and fortifying your current Vision Pro applications, striving to elevate the user experience to new heights. They are meticulously designed to ensure your software consistently operates at its best. With our focus on excellence, we guarantee that your AR/VR software remains at its peak performance, offering users an immersive and seamless interaction. Trust us to keep your existing products up-to-date and continually evolving for an unparalleled user experience. Our maintenance services include updates for compatibility with Apple Vision Pro. We ensure your app incorporates the latest in mixed reality features for enhanced immersive environments. Using the visionOS app development kit, we maintain peak app performance.
3/ Product design and development
We specialize in crafting cutting-edge systems, offering immersive AR experiences for users to seamlessly engage with their surroundings. Our expertise spans diverse applications: AR visualization apps, virtual try-on solutions, interactive educational tools, and more. Let’s redefine your interaction with technology, turning every move into an extraordinary augmented reality journey. Our development process includes leveraging the Apple Vision Pro’s advanced capabilities. We utilize the visionOS software development kit to build robust AR solutions. With our team’s development skills, we ensure top-tier performance for your apps. Experience the future of spatial computing with our innovative AR applications.
4/ Staff augmentation
We offer skilled app developers to fortify your team. Whether it’s integrating new functionalities or optimizing existing Vision Pro applications, we provide the expertise needed to enhance your products. Empower your team with our specialized staff augmentation services and elevate your AR/VR endeavors. We help integrate advanced features compatible with Apple Vision Pro for superior user experiences. Our team can provide strategic guidance and elevate your AR/VR projects to new heights. With our extensive experience, we ensure your projects align with the latest trends in metaverse development.

Development tools

Technologies we use

Developing secure, reliable, and seamlessly working custom spatial computing apps requires a good skill set for web and mobile app development. Volpis uses leading technologies to ensure the quality of Apple Vision Pro applications.

Apple frameworks
  • Swift SwiftUI
  • RealityKit
  • ARKit
  • Accessibility

  • Xcode
  • Reality Composer Pro


Why choose Volpis

Full-stack expertise

Volpis is a team that strives to create immersive solutions that offer advanced capabilities and boost customer engagement. Our developers harness the power of ARKit, SceneKit, Metal, and RealityKit frameworks to craft immersive augmented reality apps that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Efficient communication

Feel free to contact us whenever you need assistance. Volpis prioritizes efficient and timely communication to foster successful collaboration. Directly engage with our team to discuss project details and receive prompt updates about the development process.

Quality delivery

We aim to develop high-quality Vision Pro products across diverse industries. Throughout the entire development process, we strictly adhere to robust quality standards. This commitment ensures meticulous attention to detail, optimizing every line of code, each feature, and interaction for superior performance and user satisfaction, from project initiation to final deployment.

AR expertise

Our skilled team merges technical expertise with creative innovation to craft immersive interactions that seamlessly blend the digital and physical realms. Whether it’s object recognition, virtual try-on experience, or augmented reality annotations, our AR expertise propels innovative solutions that captivate and inspire.


Our valuable customers

Our esteemed customers place their trust in us to deliver exceptional software design and development services that empower their businesses.

Customer Feedback

Adam Ricketts

Head of Product

“Volpis has become a core partner for the project. They had launched the first version of the app within three months of their partnership. Their developers produce high-quality code and effective features on the app while taking the company’s requirements into strong consideration. ”

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Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the glowing reviews from our clients, who consistently praise our dedication to delivering exceptional results. It’s been a great honor to provide app development services to our esteemed customers.

“The CEO is very responsive and there are no unnecessary middlemen involved.”

Co-Founder, Health Startup

“I was blown away by the knowledge and skillset that the team possessed.”

Founder, Fit Society LLC

“Volpis was able to consistently deliver against our project milestones.”

Jason Marvel, CEO FlowMSP


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What is Apple Vision Pro development?

Apple Vision Pro development involves creating advanced applications for the Apple Vision Pro headset using the VisionOS software development kit. These applications harness spatial computing to deliver immersive experiences that interact with the user’s surroundings. By leveraging VisionOS, developers can craft mixed reality and virtual reality apps that transform how users engage with digital content. Apple Vision Pro opens new possibilities for innovative app development, especially for industries looking to enhance user interaction. The Apple developer program offers comprehensive resources to support Vision Pro development.

How can Apple Vision Pro development benefit my business?

Apple Vision Pro development can significantly benefit your business by creating immersive experiences that captivate and engage your target audience. With the capabilities of Apple Vision Pro, businesses can deliver amazing spatial experiences that elevate customer interaction and satisfaction. This technology also allows for the development of immersive apps that can transform existing iOS applications into more interactive and engaging tools. Volpis can provide strategic guidance to help integrate these advanced features into your business model effectively.

What types of industries or applications can benefit from Apple Vision Pro solutions?

Various industries can benefit from Apple Vision Pro solutions, including healthcare, education, retail, and entertainment. For example, the healthcare industry can use Apple Vision Pro to improve patient care through virtual reality and mixed reality applications. Educational institutions can create immersive environments that enhance learning experiences. Retail businesses can develop spatial computing apps to offer virtual try-ons and enhanced shopping experiences. The capabilities of Apple Vision Pro can also be utilized in the entertainment sector to create engaging, immersive content. Overall, Apple Vision Pro solutions can significantly enhance the way businesses interact with their customers and users. At Volpis, we create experiences that effortlessly fuse digital content with your real-world environment—inspired by the seamless integration of Apple Vision Pro.

How can Volpis assist in maintaining and improving existing AR/VR apps?

Volpis can assist in maintaining and improving existing AR/VR apps by leveraging their dedicated team of experienced developers. We provide strategic guidance to enhance app performance and user experience by integrating the latest advancements in VR technologies and spatial computing. Volpis can update existing apps to ensure compatibility with the Apple Vision Pro headset and VisionOS. Their expertise in app development ensures that your apps remain innovative and competitive. Volpis also offers continuous support to address any technical issues and implement new features as needed.

What are the steps involved in custom Apple Vision Pro development?

The steps involved in custom Apple Vision Pro development start with understanding the client’s specific requirements and objectives. Next, developers use the VisionOS software development kit to create a prototype, incorporating spatial computing and immersive experiences. The development process includes designing user interfaces and experiences that utilize the full capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro headset. Testing is conducted to ensure the app functions seamlessly within various room layouts and user environments. Finally, the app is launched and continuously monitored for performance, with updates implemented as needed to enhance functionality and user engagement.

What are Apple’s innovative accessibility features?

Apple’s innovative accessibility features include voice control, eye tracking, and a variety of customizable settings designed to support users with different needs. The VisionOS software development kit allows developers to incorporate these features into their apps, ensuring a more inclusive user experience. Apple Vision Pro’s accessibility features enable users to interact with immersive environments in ways that suit their individual abilities. Additionally, Apple’s commitment to accessibility ensures that all users can benefit from the advanced capabilities of their devices.

What are the top Apple Vision Pro applications?

The top Apple Vision Pro applications span across various domains, including entertainment, education, healthcare, and business. In entertainment, immersive apps provide users with engaging mixed reality experiences. Educational apps use spatial computing to create interactive learning environments. Healthcare applications, such as those developed by institutions like Boston Children’s Hospital, leverage the capabilities of Apple Vision Pro for advanced patient care and treatment planning. Business apps focus on enhancing productivity and collaboration through innovative virtual reality solutions. The VisionOS app ecosystem continues to grow, offering new possibilities and revolutionary applications for a wide range of users.


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