custom indoor map app development


Custom indoor map app development

Are you thinking about building an indoor map app? Volpis offers custom indoor map app development services to transform your venue into an interactive digital landscape. With our expertise, you can create an indoor map that not only guides users seamlessly but also enhances the overall visitor experience. indoor navigation apps that we build ensure that visitors can find their way effortlessly. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we can create an interactive indoor map that is tailored to your unique needs.

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custom indoor map app development


Trusted custom indoor map app development services

At Volpis, we provide comprehensive indoor map design and development services, crafting solutions that mirror the real world and are remarkably easy to use for end-users.

1/ Product audit
Our product audit services are designed to meticulously evaluate the efficacy and precision of your indoor navigation app. This allows us to assess the effectiveness of any existing indoor maps. We meticulously review points of interest and the overall layout, ensuring that every aspect of the indoor mapping solution aligns with the current industry best practices.
2/ Full control 2/ Existing product maintenance & improvement
By leveraging the latest indoor navigation technology, we ensure that updates are location-based, relevant, and that your indoor map remains a reliable tool. At Volpis, we prioritize maintaining and improving your indoor navigation maps to ensure users always have easy to use tools and the best experience. Accurate maps provide clarity, enhancing user experience.
3/ Product design and development
Creating indoor maps that are both functional and user-friendly is our specialty. With our expertise, we craft indoor navigation apps that are tailor-made, ensuring they are easy to use and reflect the intricacies of the venues they represent. Our approach to product design and development involves a deep understanding of the nuances of creating indoor navigation maps.
4/ Staff augmentation
Our experts can seamlessly integrate with your team, aiding in creating indoor maps or refining existing ones, ensuring they’re up-to-date with the latest indoor navigation technology. For those utilizing Google indoor maps, we have the capability to integrate indoor navigation SDKs, further enhancing the precision of your mapping applications.

Solutions you can count on

Our expertise

Whether it’s iOS, Android, or web platforms, we can build custom indoor navigation apps that are versatile, ensuring a smooth user experience across all devices. By highlighting key points on the floor plan, our solutions aid in improved space management, enabling you to optimize the use and flow of your venue.

1/ Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS)
Harnessing the power of technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth beacons, and sensor fusion, we specialize in crafting indoor positioning systems that offer precise location data. These systems ensure accurate indoor location tracking, helping users navigate the intricacies of indoor environments. Whether you’re aiming to map large buildings or smaller venues, our solutions stand out. 
2/ Indoor Virtual Tours
We take pride in constructing indoor virtual tours that employ the best indoor mapping technology. Ideal for entities like real estate firms, museums, and event locations, these tours enable users to virtually traverse and comprehend indoor spaces. Interactive maps, in this context, provide an immersive experience, making remote exploration straightforward and engaging.
3/ Indoor Augmented Reality (AR)
We create AR-driven indoor mapping solutions, integrating digital elements with real-world views. Whether accessed through mobile devices or advanced smart glasses, our team can build solutions that augment indoor navigation by offering contextual information, virtual indications, and dynamic content. This fusion of the real world with AR can significantly elevate the user experience.
4/ Indoor Geofencing
Our team can integrate robust geofencing capabilities tailored for indoor settings. Clients can establish virtual perimeters, instigating location-based actions or alerts when users enter or exit specific areas within a building. This indoor navigation system is especially potent for businesses that wish to enhance user interaction based on location triggers. 
5/ Indoor Navigation and Wayfinding
We create indoor navigation solutions that help users navigate complex venues. This includes route planning, turn-by-turn directions, and integration with mobile apps or kiosks. Our focus remains on a user-centric approach, making indoor navigation easy to use and interpret. For those navigating complex indoor terrains, our maps work diligently to offer clarity.
6/ Custom Venue, Warehouse, or Cruise Ship Maps
Our team offers custom indoor mapping solutions for companies in different industries. Whether it’s a bustling venue, expansive warehouse, or luxury cruise ship, our team is equipped to create indoor maps that resonate with your business’s needs. We harness the best indoor mapping solution practices to curate customized indoor navigation maps that align with your floor plan and infrastructure.

Unparalleled efficiency and cost savings

Mixed reality headsets in indoor mapping


Mixed reality headsets enable virtual tours of indoor spaces, allowing users to immerse and engage with the environment as though they’re on-site, proving invaluable for real estate agents, event planners, and travel agencies to highlight venues or properties.

Indoor Design and Planning

Using mixed reality headsets, architects, interior designers, and facility managers can instantly visualize and adjust virtual furniture and designs within indoor spaces, aiding in informed decision-making regarding aesthetics and space optimization.

Data Visualization

Mixed reality headsets overlay real-time data such as occupancy rates, temperature, humidity, and energy consumption within a user’s view, offering intuitive visualization and valuable insights for facility management.

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Why Choose Volpis

Full-Stack Expertise

With over 6 years of experience and 50+ successfully completed projects, our developers merge traditional and modern location technologies. We harness platforms like Google Maps, HERE Maps, and other APIs to create indoor maps that are tailored for every indoor space and ensure that users are always informed and engaged. 

Efficient Communication

Reach out to us anytime to discuss the nuances of your indoor navigation maps, and rest assured that we’ll provide timely updates on every step of your project’s journey. You can communicate directly with our team to discuss the details of your project and receive progress reports. We prioritize open and efficient communication, making sure you’re always informed. 

Quality Delivery

Delivering top-tier indoor mapping solutions tailored for varied industries is our forte. Optimized for performance, these maps seamlessly integrate with any web or mobile device, ensuring accessibility and convenience. We create indoor navigation maps that provide clarity for navigating indoor spaces. Volpis is renowned for creating indoor maps that are both functional and intuitive. 

GIS and Mapping Expertise

We have vast experience in developing indoor navigation apps that boost user engagement in indoor spaces. Our deep understanding of indoor positioning and the intricacies of creating indoor maps makes us an industry leader. From mapping large buildings to highlighting the minutest points of interest, our custom indoor navigation apps are designed to cater to every detail.

Development tools

We Use

Volpis uses leading technologies to ensure the quality of indoor navigation apps. We’ll ensure that your custom mobile app solution makes it easy for users to navigate your indoor spaces seamlessly. 

  • Express Express
  • NodeJS NodeJS
  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • TypeScript TypeScript

  • Bootstrap Bootstrap
  • ReactJS ReactJS
  • VueJS VueJS

Map Frameworks
  • MapKit
  • HEREMaps
  • Mapbox
  • TomTom Maps
  • Google Maps Google Maps
  • OpenLayers
  • Mappedin

  • Java Java
  • Swift Swift
  • Kotlin Kotin
  • Objective-C Objective-C

Database Stack
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • Redis Redis

  • GitLab GitLab
  • GitHub GitHub
  • BitBucket BitBucket
  • Docker Docker
  • Heroku Heroku


Our valuable customers

Our esteemed customers place their trust in us to deliver exceptional software design and development services that empower their businesses.


At Volpis, we craft tailored solutions aimed at addressing the unique requirements of businesses. Check out what our partners have to say about our expertise.

“The CEO is very responsive and there are no unnecessary middlemen involved.”

Co-Founder, Health Startup

“I was blown away by the knowledge and skillset that the team possessed.”

Founder, Fit Society LLC

“Volpis was able to consistently deliver against our project milestones.”

Jason Marvel, CEO FlowMSP


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How do I make an indoor navigation app?

Creating an indoor map app requires a thorough understanding of indoor spaces and the integration of reliable technologies. To create indoor navigation maps, you need to map the indoor environment, ensuring you identify all relevant location details. You can use indoor navigation SDKs and location-based technologies to integrate features like real-world coordinates and indoor positioning. Given the complexity of the process and tools needed to create an indoor map app, consider collaborating with experts who have experience in indoor mapping solutions, like our team.

Is there an app to make your own map?

Yes, there are various apps and easy-to-use tools available that allow users to create their own indoor maps. These tools typically provide a digital map interface, indoor location details, and points of interest. When selecting an app, it’s crucial to ensure it provides clarity.

How to build an indoor positioning system?

Building indoor positioning systems involves collecting real-time data from sensors to determine the exact location within a venue. Start by selecting the right technology, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or indoor navigation SDKs. Integrate this technology with your indoor maps, ensuring you collect security data and other relevant location details. The ultimate goal is to create a system that provides users with their precise location relative to the floor plan.

What is the best indoor mapping software?

The best indoor mapping software for creating an indoor map offers a combination of accurate maps, easy integration with indoor navigation systems, and user-friendly interfaces. Such software should allow users to integrate indoor navigation SDK and offer real-time updates. They should be versatile enough to map various spaces. Lastly, always consider software that supports security data collection and provides insights based on mapping data.

How much does an indoor navigation app cost?

The cost of an indoor navigation app varies based on the complexity of the space, the technologies used, and the features required. Factors like integrating indoor positioning, collecting real-time data, and ensuring the app works seamlessly with different indoor navigation programs can influence the price. Custom features, such as identifying all the shops within a mall, can also add to the cost. Collaborate with professionals to get an accurate estimate tailored to your indoor navigation project needs.

How much does it cost to create a custom indoor map app?

Creating a custom indoor map app involves substantial investment due to its real-time data collection, vast mapping data, and integration of various location details. You can contact our seasoned professionals who understand the intricacies of custom indoor map app development and would be happy to provide a clearer cost breakdown.

How do I make my own custom map?

When creating an indoor map, start by defining the purpose and the key locations you want to highlight. Use tools or software that allow you to integrate real-world coordinates, ensuring your indoor navigation map reflects the actual layout of the space. Consider adding layers for different features, such as indoor positioning or alerts. Always remember to prioritize user experience, offering an easy-to-navigate design that accurately represents the environment.

How do I create a custom map design?

Custom map design begins with a clear understanding of your space. You can utilize various tools that allow for detailed inputs, integrating required coordinates, and points of interest. Ensure that the design of your indoor mapping solution is user-friendly and provides clarity, especially when mapping complex spaces like shopping malls. Incorporate features like indoor navigation and positioning to enhance the map’s utility.

How can I design my own map for free?

There are several online tools and platforms that allow users to design their own maps for free. Begin by inputting the floor plan or layout of the environment. Identify key points of interest and other location details, ensuring you capture the essence of the space. While free tools can provide a basic map, for more advanced features like indoor positioning or real-time location updates, you might need to explore premium options or software.

What technology is used for indoor navigation?

Indoor navigation employs a mix of technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth beacons, indoor navigation SDKs, and sensor fusion. These technologies help determine the exact location within your venue, ensuring accurate mapping and positioning. The choice of technology often depends on the specific requirements of the venue and the level of precision needed for the indoor navigation app.

How do you map indoor space?

Mapping indoor space involves capturing the floor layout, identifying points of interest, and collecting real-time data to ensure accurate representation. The goal is to create a digital map that reflects the indoor environment, from office buildings to shopping malls, ensuring users can navigate the space efficiently. Designed for adaptability, we can build custom indoor maps that can be seamlessly integrated for optimal performance on any web or mobile device. 

What is the most accurate indoor positioning system?

The most accurate indoor positioning system usually employs a combination of technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth beacons, and sensor fusion. The choice of technology depends on the specific requirements of the space and how the indoor maps work. Factors like the size of the area, the number of users, and the need for real-time updates can influence which system offers the highest accuracy. You can contact our team to determine the best fit for your needs.


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