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Indoor Mapping Services We Provide

Web or Mobile App Development
Volpis team provides full-cycle web and mobile application development with indoor mapping and delivers smart and scalable solutions. We will help you to visualize spatial data of your indoor venue on digital interactive maps with customized elements.

Real-Time Positioning
We will help to create and integrate an indoor mapping solution to extend the functionality of your service. Using the benefits of IoT, which enable real-time user positioning with an accuracy of a few meters, we build smart indoor maps that allow users for position-based in-app interaction.

Routing and Wayfinding
Volpis offers the creation of indoor navigation and routing optimization. We will build a smart indoor map with customized points of interest that significantly improve indoor wayfinding in your facility and help users to route themselves.

Custom Venue, Warehouse, or Cruise Ship Maps
Our team offers indoor mapping solutions for companies in different industries to improve navigation and overall user experience. We will use the best indoor mapping technology to build customized maps of indoor venues that meet all needs of your business.


Why Choose Volpis

Full-Stack Expertise

Volpis dedicated team of developers with a broad set of expertise offers full-cycle development of web and mobile applications, including indoor mapping solutions. We use proven technologies to provide seamlessly working solutions. Specialists in Volpis can create indoor map with mapping APIs like Google Maps, HERE maps, and Mapbox.

Efficient Communication

Our indoor mapping company offers direct communication with our team to discuss any details about the projects with our clients and promptly provide relevant information. You can easily communicate with us throughout the entire process to ensure effective cooperation.

Quality Delivery

Volpis team put its effort to deliver only the best mapping solutions and satisfy the business needs of every client. We create indoor maps maintaining high standards of work. Quality is our priority and we consistently work on every project, from understanding the main challenges to finding and building suitable indoor mapping solutions, to provide the best results.

GIS and Mapping Expertise

Volpis provides indoor mapping services to businesses in different industries to solve diverse challenges. The projects delivered by our team include utility services, cruise liner indoor mapping, dispatch systems, and routing solutions. With our expertise, we are capable of finding the best mapping solution to visualize your indoor space and improve the navigation of users.

Development tools

Technologies We Use

With a wide range of skill sets, we offer full-stack software development. Specialists in Volpis use proven indoor mapping technology to visualize spatial data and build high-quality solutions for businesses.


  • Express Express
  • NodeJS NodeJS
  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • TypeScript TypeScript


  • Bootstrap Bootstrap
  • ReactJS ReactJS
  • VueJS VueJS

Map Frameworks

  • MapKit
  • HEREMaps
  • Mapbox
  • TomTom Maps
  • Google Maps Google Maps
  • OpenLayers
  • Mappedin


  • Java Java
  • Swift Swift
  • Kotlin Kotin
  • Objective-C Objective-C

Database Stack

  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • Redis Redis


  • GitLab GitLab
  • GitHub GitHub
  • BitBucket BitBucket
  • Docker Docker
  • Heroku Heroku


Case Studies


We are proud of helping companies find decent solutions to overcome challenges. Read more about our clients’ experience with us.

“The CEO is very responsive and there are no unnecessary middlemen involved.”

Co-Founder, Health Startup

“I was blown away by the knowledge and skillset that the team possessed.”

Founder, Fit Society LLC

“Volpis was able to consistently deliver against our project milestones.”

Jason Marvel, CEO FlowMSP


Do you build custom indoor mapping applications?

Yes, of course! Our developers offer full-cycle development of a custom indoor mapping solution tailored to your business needs. For more detailed information about available indoor mapping services, contact us via email.

Who is using indoor mapping services?

Indoor mapping services are used by companies in various industries, as indoor mapping is a powerful solution to many challenges in facility management, navigation, etc. For instance, indoor mapping services can be used in logistics, healthcare, retail, and other industries.

What is indoor mapping?

Indoor mapping is a solution that helps to visualize indoor buildings on 2D and 3D maps. Such maps enable indoor positioning and routing optimization, and allow for navigation through indoor areas.

Where do I start with indoor mapping?

Building an indoor mapping solution starts with identifying the business’s key challenges that should be overcome and key goals that should be achieved. This step is critical to choose the best solution, so it is better to ask for help from specialists. And we are ready to assist you with this.


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