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Rand McNally is a leading company offering comprehensive fleet management solutions across multiple industries with proprietary data from more than 80 years in trucking. Their TND tablets offer truck navigation features and essential tools tailored to meet the needs of commercial fleets and professional drivers during their daily journeys. The launcher acts as the main interface on the tablet, allowing users to easily access apps, widgets, and system settings.
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Our primary objective was to revamp the system launcher, incorporating a fresh and modern design that seamlessly adapts to various screen sizes while enhancing product stability & productivity.

What is a system launcher?

A system app is pre-installed software that comes bundled with the manufacturer’s operating system on a device. A launcher functions as the user interface and home screen replacement for the operating system. System launchers are included by device manufacturers, while third-party launchers are available for download.

Stage 1

Our journey began with the primary goal of refactoring and enhancing app performance. We have identified and worked on the following:

  • bugs in production;
  • low-quality code;
  • obsolete architecture & technologies.

Upon the client’s recognition of the need for rebranding and updating the outdated design, our team, with deep app knowledge, eagerly undertook the new task.

development development development

Stage 2


Developed Screens

Initial setup & Authorization

Home Screen


Settings & System warnings



We use the latest technologies to deliver user-friendly, scalable, and secure solutions as per your business requirements.

  • Kotlin Kotlin
  • Java Java
  • Firebase services Firebase 


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